Haunted Bridges

Bridges have been built and used for centuries to make travel from point A to point B easier or even to make it possible at all. With all the years bridges have been around, it is impossible to avoid events that could cause a bridge or the area near a bridge to experience some strange events. There are a ton of alleged haunted bridges all across the United States and as all over the world. There are just as many stories about the paranormal stuff that happens on or near these bridges and the history of why these things occur.

Haunted Castles

Haunted Castles are fascinating, as are castles in general. They are beautiful, mysterious and seem to have a foreboding aura about them. I’ve always wanted to visit a haunted castle, but as of yet I have not been fortunate enough to do so. I imagine it would be cold, dark, damp, and eerily quiet, except at night of course, when there would be mysterious knocks, creaks, slamming sounds, dragging sounds and maybe even the occasional disembodied human voice.

Haunted Cemeteries

Not too many places can evoke as much creepiness as a cemetery at night. Cemeteries around the world are notorious for being haunted; or at least for having stories told about how haunted they are and who – or what is haunting them.

Haunted Highways

There are haunted highways, haunted roads, and haunted streets all over the world. Some of them are incredibly spooky; others just look like ordinary roads. Either way, they are fascinating and I would love to be able to travel them all. So many haunted highways, so little time…

Haunted Houses

Every house is as much a reflection of its past as its present. Spirits seek a place to feel secure and their former homes provide that. Many haunted houses have been the site of violence or tragedy. There may have been a brutal murder, suicide, or a disaster such as fire or sickness that claimed the lives of residents.

Haunted Lighthouses

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend visiting one of the beautiful lighthouses that are located all across our nation’s coastal waters. I’ve visited several lighthouses in various states. They are amazing. I’ve been on ghost hunts at a few. Some creepy experiences were had by all. Great time!

Haunted Schools

Haunted schools are everywhere. Whether its your local elementary school or the college on the other side of town, odds are there is a haunted school near you.