Louisville & Nashville RR tracks – Limestone County, AL

The ghost of a railroad bandit named “Railroad Bill” is said to haunt the pine woods along the railroad track running near the towns of Piney Grove, Elewy, and Nymph.  Railroad bill was said to be a vagrant that hopped trains and got in trouble with the law.  He was known as a bit of a Robin Hood, as he would provide food and money to poor people in the area. 

Somehow he always managed to evade capture.  People started spreading stories that he had supernatural powers that allowed him to change into animal form and was only vulnerable to silver bullets. Other tales said that he had the power to disable the tracking abilities of the bloodhounds on his trail.

Whatever the real story, the man who was believed to be “Railroad Bill” was gunned down in March of 1896.  His spirit is said to remain, appearing with a big smile on his face. 

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