Lucas Tavern – Montgomery, AL

Lucas Tavern is located in the Old North Hull Historic District – 310 N. Hull Street – in Montgomery, Alabama.  Lucas Tavern served as a stop for travelers going east and west, a place for immigrants into the Old Southwest to stop and eat, spend the night and gain information about the road ahead. 

Eliza Lucas took over operation of the Tavern in 1820.   The original building was abandoned in the 1960s and in 1978 was moved by the Landmarks Foundation into Old Alabama Town. 

After the old building was restored in 1980, the ghost of its former owner and operator, Eliza Lucas, began to appear.  She seems to wander about the area, and has also been seen in the old schoolhouse and several other 19th century buildings on the square.  She is said to appear as herself – a 5 ft., 3 inch woman, dressed in a Victorian dress standing in front of her beloved tavern and  waving cordially and smiling at people passing by.

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